Hotels.TV has a market reach of 200 million viewers plus, depending on the campaigns we choose, destinations, which hotels we are working with and what outcomes they require.  We engage in many marketing initiatives to grow viewers of hotel videos and ensure a great return on investment for hotel partners. Video allows us to reach markets hotels usually could not, without video and a specialist platform. 

Some of our main marketing initiatives include: SEO, Video SEO, Social media Marketing, Blogging, Paid Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Over The Top TV (OTT) (also known as Connected TV or CTV) with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku TV and AndroidTV.

HTV tailors campaigns around a hotel's specific requirements and provides regular reports on performance and analytics.



Target your ideal audience. Hotels.TV can fine tune your video marketing to reach the right age group, interests, profession, sex and location.

Video Viewers

How many impressions and views is your video receiving, how much of the video are they watching and how many viewers complete the video. These stats help you create a great, effective and engaging video to help generate more direct bookings. 


Growth in London hotel video views: Aug to Sep 2020



Facebook Ads Performance - Aug/Sep 2020:               7.4% CTR



Facebook Ads


Using a video ad on Facebook campaigns has increased the Click Thru Rate (CTR) from 2% to 7.4% resulting in 74,575 click-thrus to Hotels.TV destination / hotel pages.