We Market Your Hotel, Destination or Luxury Brand To HNWI Audiences

Domestic & International ABC1 Markets. Direct & CommissionFree    

Hotels.TV is a global video marketing company with its own digital TV channel and distribution platforms across social, Connected TV and digital screens reaching over 200million travellers and growing. Hotels.TV also has media partnerships with major events.

Your hotel, destination or brand profile (with video) can be listed on the Hotels.TV website and be automatically marketed across all platforms reaching new audiences.

Hotels.TV also broadcasts its own shows across digital screens with over 200 million monthly market reach in major global airports, health clubs, business lounges, office towers and public spaces, providing the opportunity for hotels, destinations and brand advertisers to list on the website, take part in engaging campaigns or advertise across video content.

Hotels.TV can drive bookings through its own hotel reservations system, link directly to a hotel or brand website or collect customer data and leads. All bookings generated for hotels are direct and commission free.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Destination and luxury brand sponsors can reach new markets by being promoting within the Hotels.TV luxury format broadcast across domestic and international markets. 


Hotels Can Apply To Join Hotels.TV 

Video Provides A Whole New World of Marketing

Hotels receive their own profile page on the Hotels.TV website under their destination. Their video is hosted on their profile and promoted across the website and automatically published across all channels. 

Rates & availability can be added through the Hotels.TV booking system or by connecting to one of the many Channel Managers supported. Promote BAR or one-off special offers to support campaigns. 

Or, link the page directly to your own hotel brand website for bookings. This supports your SEO and drives direct, commmission-free guests.

Once you are on the platform, there is a range of additional marketing services available to support your hotels goals. See below.

Please note you must have an acceptable video to join. Hotels.TV also have video production services.

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Video Production

If you don't have a video or need new content...

We have a team of videographers and professional presenters around the world who will capture the essence of your business with stunning videography, multi-lingual presenters, and be able to re-purpose this content across many different marketing campaigns and platforms.

See example of our video production ->


Your Video Profile is Distributed Across Social Media Video Platforms, Connected TV Channels & Travel Websites to give you Unrivalled Reach

Hotels.TV market your videos via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, Periscope, TikTok, Linkedin and Vimeo, as well as via Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku TV and Samsung TV reaching hundreds of millions of subscribers.
Hotels.TV also has booking, marketing and media partnerships with American Airlines AmericanWay.com, BespokeHotels.com, Ink-Global, ReachTV, World Travel Market, DMG Events, Singapore Yacht Show and multiple tourism organisations. New partnerships are always being created to expand our reach and your exposure.

The Most Targeted Marketing For Your Hotel

Target Travellers You Know Are Coming To Your Destination

Depending on the package you select, Hotels.TV will support your video marketing with Social Media Marketing Campaigns targeted at your desired audience (domestic or international), to create the most impressions, engagement, click-throughs and conversions. 
Hotels.TV also have exclusive partnerships with major airlines and can target and track travellers at different stages of their journey and serve highly targeted video ads across Google, Facebook and Instagram. This is only available with Hotels.TV!

Target Major Airline Customers:
1. Searching flights to your destination, not yet booked.
2. Passengers already booked & confirmed
3. In transit and at airport
4. In destination
You can serve video ads with messages to book your hotel, book transport in transit or promote dining and tourism options in destination. 

Proactive Marketing with Huge Reach
Engage & Inspire Your Market

Hotels.TV engage and inspire ABC1, affluent and influential travellers on digital screens in drive/domestic/staycation markets or international markets. 

Hotels.TV can reach your target market with strategic tailored campaigns aimed at:

  • 100 million monthly USA travellers in 72 US airports
  • 25 million health club members in 3500 USA clubs
  • 6.6 million UK health club members across 600+ clubs
  • 43% of all UK airport travellers
  • 50% of all London airport travellers
  • 143 million international passengers 
  • 1000 Australian health clubs with 1.4 million weekly members
Additionally, markets in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa.

Hotels.TV on ReachTV in 73 US Airports to 100 million monthly travellers

Hotels.TV broadcast 8-minute luxury hotel shows to 100 million monthly travellers across 73+ major US airports. ReachTV have over 1700 digital screens in the airports as well as 400,000 hotel rooms and over 700 venues. ReachTV broadcast news, short-form TV shows and information to over 1 billion travellers each year. Hotels.TV have become a content provider.
Hotels, destinations and luxury brands can be featured or sponsor luxury hotel shows to achieve mass awareness. Technology combined with marketing can engage travellers before they arrive at the airport, in transit, when they arrive in the destination and after they get back home. Making a complete, engaging and accountable campaign.

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Reach Major Events & Target Specific Audiences

Hotels.TV are media partners and exclusive hotel booking partners of major events worldwide. Some of these events include World Travel Market Africa, The Hotel Show Africa, Singapore Yacht Show, Hong Kong Yacht Show and Thailand Yacht Show, and many more. 

Connect your hotel to an event or become a destination partner. Reach millions of high net worth viewers, attendees and exhibitors. 

See example of previous Campaign examples 



Live Streaming 

Live stream your hotel opening, event or webcam chat

Live streaming is the best way to engage directly with your audience. Hotels.TV can live stream your hotel opening or event directly to audiences, and then repurpose the video content for marketing use throughout the year. 

Hotels.TV can provide production, sponsors and manage operations. Or connect your webcam or smartphone and engage directly with your online audience. 

The Hotels.TV booking system allows for booking offers to be completed in-stream.


ROI & Accountability

 Monthly Data & Analysis

Hotels.tv believe in accountability. In order for all campaigns to be effective, they must be monitored and analysed. HTV will provide monthly analysis from YouTube, Google Analytics and our own systems to provide a 360 degree view of the effectiveness of your campaigns, including a list of bookings generated and the source.

HTV will work with you to design a plan to help you achieve your marketing goals.  


Your Organic SEO will Improve with Hotels.TV

Whether you are listing a video or working with an event, your organic website SEO and Video SEO will improve. Our hotel partners become top of searches for specific event hotel searches. Ask for a demonstration.


Are you a hotel, destination or brand interest to find out more? Book a callback or Zoom demonstration.

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We support all counties and destinations and have Hotels.TV representatives in UK, USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, MENA, Latin America and Australia.