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Video is the most powerful marketing tool your hotel has. With over 80% of content viewed online being video, your hotel needs to engage viewers with video.

Hotels.TV is the platform to help you create, broadcast, distribute, market, host, manage, analyse and develop your hotel video strategy across online, Social Media, Connected TV & digital screens to billions of viewers worldwide. 

Hotels.TV's own platform also has over 250,000 monthly viewers (growing at 300%) and access to over 200 million potential viewers through partners and platforms. 

Hotels.TV is your partner to target your preferred markets with video.

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Step 1: List Your Hotel on HTV                  Create & Manage Your Profile

Hotels.TV will get you set up with your own login and password to start managing your profile.

Add images, text and unique sales points all about your hotel.

You can upload rooms and rates directly, or via SiteMinder or TravelClick. 

Add special rates, offers or one-off live streaming deals.  

Step 2: Add Video

Add your hotel video or HTV can produce one for you.

You must have a video to join Hotels.TV

HTV will have to check your video to make sure it fits our requirements. Alternatively, HTV can create a video for you. 
All videos have a QR code to allow viewers to scan this with their smartphones and find information and booking page instantly.
Try it! Play the video and scan with your phone camera!!

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HTV Video Production

Unique and effective video creation

We have a team of videographers and professional presenters around the world who will capture the essence of your business with stunning videography, multi-lingual presenters, and be able to re-purpose this content across many different marketing campaigns.

Step 3: Marketing Starts  

Broadcast your video across all channels to domestic & international markets

Hotels.TV hosts, edits, broadcasts, distributes, manages and analyses your hotel videos online across, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & IGTV, Vimeo, Linkedin, Periscope, 
and on Connected TV services including Apple TV, Android TV, RokuTV and Amazon Fire TV, and 
across digital screens. 

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4. Get More Exposure

Engage in other campaigns

Video is the most effective content format to engage and get results. HTV have many campaigns which may compliment your marketing initiatives, increase brand awareness and generate new booking revenue. We can also help you open up new markets by creating content in multiple languages.  

Hotels.TV are supporting partners of the Singapore Yacht Show, Hong Kong Yacht Show and Thailand Yacht Shows. Additionally, we work with events globally and can connect hotels with millions of viewers, attendees and exhibitors. 
There are also opportunities to be featured inflight across global airlines and on digital screens (DOOH) in airports and public spaces.

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Live Streaming 

Live stream your hotel opening, event or webcam chat

Live streaming is the best way to engage directly with you audience. 

Hotels can now use Hotels.TV's live streaming technology on their hotel profile to broadcast to millions of viewers LIVE!
For hotel openings, Hotels.TV can live stream directly from the opening party or event, tour the hotel and interview staff and guests, live. 
Want to engage directly with your audience? Hotels.TV can connect your webcam or smartphone and enable you to speak directly with your online audience, conduct show-arounds live and even offer special rates. 
The Hotels.TV booking system allows guests to book during the live stream. Contact us for a demonstration.

ROI & Accountability

 Monthly Data & Analysis believe in accountability. In order for all campaigns to be effective, they must be monitored and analysed. HTV will provide monthly analysis from YouTube, Google Analytics and our own systems to provide a 360 degree view of the effectiveness of your campaigns, including a list of bookings generated and the source.

HTV will work with you to design a plan to help you achieve your marketing goals.  

Achieve Top Organic Video SEO with was the first to ever produce internet-ready hotel video reviews. Over the many years Google sees as the authority in hotel videos and will rank any video under the brand at the top of video search results. 

So, having manage your video profile means the very best organic video exposure. 

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