Influencer Marketing -  Empower your guests to promote you! 


Did you know that your hotel guests in-house right now could be marketing your hotel for you? are helping hotels build a network of guests who video their hotel experience on their smartphones, submit to Hotels.TV for checking, then  use this to promote the hotel across the guests and hotels own social networks. (Influencers/Vloggers). 

Influencers are valuable marketers for your business as they can collectively inspire millions of potential direct booking guests across social networking platforms.

  • Hotels can use the videos or Vlogs for their own marketing campaigns, making these real, believable and bookable!
  • Vloggers simply use their smartphone and a little chat, to capture the experience of their stay at your hotel.
  • Hotels provide rewards, added value and possibly free or discounted nights.
  • Vloggers upload the video to who check these for authenticity and make sure they are fit for use.
  • create online marketing campaigns using the videos to generate direct booking guests.
  • create specific landing pages for capturing online bookings and providing analytics.
  • can also run live stream campaigns across Facebook from your hotel with live promotions and instant booking.
Contact Hotels.TV to set this up and manage this for you.

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