EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST:       Hotels.TV Virtual World in the Metaverse

Hotels.TV is joining the Metaverse and launching a virtual world where your Avatar can visit, check-in and stay in exact virtual versions of branded and independent hotels. 

Web 3.0 is all about the next step in the way we all live: Interconnected, decentralised and virtual. The merging of Web 1.0: (Online) and Web 2.0 (Social) with our new ability to experience this in 3D, virtual, augmented realities in every aspect of our lives.

The Metaverse is simply the world this becomes. Not owned by any-one or any-thing. This is driven by the human desire to connect their physical lives to the virtual world.

Many new worlds are being developed right now for us all to experience, shop, play, learn and more. These worlds will interconnect allowing for enhanced experiences, personal convenience, commercial opportunities, employment and more.

This is the new frontier and it is being shaped right now by all of us. A hotel world where exact replicas of branded and independent hotels have an operational digital twin. These virtual hotels are fully immersive and connected to the physical hotel, from the moment you enter with your Avatar and are greeted by hotel reception. In the physical, you are greeted by actual staff, in the virtual you are greeted by Artificial Intelligence managed by physical hotel staff.

Hotels.TV’s role is to help hotels transition to this new world and enable viewers to experience hotels before they arrive. For disabled travellers this is revolutionary. For so long these travellers have had to wait until they arrive at the hotel to see if they can fit a wheelchair through a doorway or the rooms are equipped with the facilities they need. Now, these can be experienced first hand virtually before arriving. 

Hotels.TV create and manage actual hotels in a virtual world and connect them and their guests to the physical world. Providing an unparalleled experience for the guest which creates revenue and new customers in the physical world. This also created new employment both in the virtual and physical worlds. Yes, you can have a virtual job, looking after virtual guests!

Hotels.TV are now offering limited investment opportunities to be a part of this revolution before releasing tokens and NFTs. So shortly you will have a chance to buy shares in the