Miss Jones PA - Hotel Booking Campaign - Exclusive Opportunity

September 2019 to February 2020

London centric influencer website with active audience of over 81,000 & 22,000 members. 
Urgent: Hotels wanted now - Must be reviewed and selected by Hotels.tv

Miss Jones PA is a membership club and key Influencer website to Personal Assistants and professionals in London. This opportunity reaches over 81,000 actively booking and buying professionals with great influence over booking decisions for their peers and business colleagues.  

Hotels.TV are inviting 6 x boutique/luxury hotels to take part in this campaign and be featured to this exclusive audience by video and display ad on their website, blog and social networks.

Hotels:                        Boutique/Luxury required in London, UK & other destinations of interest - Must be reviewed by HTV 
Feature:                      Display listing with info and video review, plus link to online booking system
Length of feature:                2 months, 4 months or 6 months
Requirements:                   Presenter-led video review by Hotels.TV (Price to be discussed)
                          Special rates (Call To Action) and incentives for this audience - to be promoted  
                             BAR rates also required for bookings outside of the promotions
Rate Distribution:                   Rates and availability via direct login /OR channel managers SiteMinder or TravelClick 
Investment/Contribution:   Prices to be discussed 

Campaign Details/Audience:

Miss Jones is a key Influencer & Facilitator to PAs with a definitive lifestyle guide for corporates. They have a very exclusive audience of over 22,000 listed members and a cross section of 81,000 professionals with a predominant focus on London.  

Hotels.TV are providing Miss Jones with a selection of approved hotels, each with a Hotels.TV video review and link to exclusive offer, bookable via the HTV online booking system. 

Hotels.TV will place a media player across Miss Jones's channels to play the video reviews of each hotel linked to the booking system.


This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your hotel to a very exclusive and actively buying audience. Miss Jones audience of Personal Assistants and professionals are also very influential and associated to many travelling employees and associates requiring accommodation.

Booking opportunities are for weekday corporate stays, weekend personal stays, colleagues and executive stays in London, around the UK and other destinations of interest.       


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