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Advertising Opportunities - A Market Reach of Over 1 Billion Viewers

Hotels.TV provides advertising opportunities for brands, hotels, events and destinations to reach new audiences, effectively and affordably. 

HTV is a media company with an online TV channel, video content distribution platform and media buying agency, with the ability to broadcast In-Room on Hotel TV, Social Media, Connected TV (AppleTV, RokuTV, FireTV & AndroidTV), In-Flight Entertainment on Airlines, on Digital Screens in Airports, Gyms , Venues, Restaurants, Bars, Medical Centres, Shopping Centres and across many more platforms and websites. 

Pre, Mid & Post Roll Ads

Feature your brand with a 15 to 60 second ad or video editorial feature, as a part of Hotels.TV or as a solus campaign,  directly in over 10,000 hotels, properties and venues, to over 2 million rooms and 100 million guests. Pre, Mid or Post Roll video adverts can be created or an engaging editorial feature. Hotels.TV can help you target specific markets through its huge market reach.

Full content creation,  media planning, media buying and video production services are also available.

Build an Online TV Channel for Your Own Audience

Do you already have an audience and want to engage them with stunning video content, or generate a new revenue from advertising?  Hotels.TV can partner with you to create an online TV channel, and manage video content, hosting, distribution and advertising sales.

Hotels.TV has access to some of the best online video content through partnerships with high profile third party content creators. 

HTV can also create unique and original content exclusively for your channel to engage viewers and attract advertisers and sponsors.

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