2019: Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa Mauritius

Hotel video review of this five star resort with local presenter, dramatic aerial videography and English & French versions. Click here for French version


2018: Hotel Gotham, Manchester for Bespoke Hotels

Creative video produced for Hotel Gotham, Manchester. Tongue-in-cheek 1920's, days of prohibition. Man meets woman in the hotel bar and she leads him on a chase through the hotel. It seems their fate is destined to take them on to Hotel Gotham's newest hotel in Glasgow...

Market Research Video: What does the term "Boutique Hotel" mean to you?

Created for the Boutique Hotel News Annual Conference addressing the current issue of exactly what is a Boutique Hotel. Interesting results.

June 2016: 

3 Cool London Boutique Hotels

Hotels.TV created this video for Boutique Hotel News, to help position them as an authority in the boutique hotel sector. This was also used in their trade shows and exhibitions as well as online via their website and YouTube.

August 2014

Launch of The Montcalm London City Hotel

With the opening of the second Montcalm Hotel in London, the Shaftesbury Group asked Hotels.TV to create a video they could use for all their marketing as well as to launch it to the Hotels.TV viewers across Youtube, the website and

Market Research Campaign: 

Vox Pops: Eco Friendly Hotels

Who is responsible for your carbon footprint when staying in hotel, the hotel or you? Find out what people on the streets of London thought.

Virgin Airlines In-flight Call to Action Campaign Dec 2009

In December 2009 created a campaign including several hotels with specific Call to Action promotions. This was played on the seat-back TV screens of Australia's Virgin Blue (now Virgin Australia) to over 1million passengers. To compliment this, there was also a supporting article in the airline magazine. Very successful branding campaign with some strong bookings on the back of this.