Hotel Marketing Case Studies

5* Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore.

October 2017 worked with Marina Mandarin Hotel Singapore in September 2017 to attract guests attending the eCommerce World Summit, held at the Suntec Convention Centre.

The hotel was connected to the official event website, via the platform, and promoted directly to the events own exclusive audience via EDM and social media.

The Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore generated: 

SGD$15,750 in booking revenue within a 2 week period just prior to the event. As we have done with other hotels, we are confident that had we been connected to the event 3 months prior, we could have served Advanced Purchase Rates, mid term rates and Last Minute Rates to engage audiences further and drive $50,000+ revenue from this event. 

Event Revenue Details: 

Event Duration: 2 days (Oct 21 & 22)

18 bookings with a value of $875 per booking

40 valuable corporate guests to add to their marketing lists

700 attendees, 10,000 on event organisers email mailing list, 26,000 Facebook subscribers - The hotel was promoted to this audience, providing it fantastic brand marketing.

Total cost of campaign to hotel: $1,575 (10% cost)

See eCommerce World Summit Event Platform (live)

Booking revenue